Some Pregnancy Symptoms i faced (Second Trimester)

Babymigo Thu 20-Jan-22 11:01:05

Second trimester becomes a moment of peace for some pregnant women as
a lot of their first trimester symptoms end. A lot of my first
trimester symptoms ended but here are some of the symptoms I experienced
in my second trimester.

- I gained quite a lot of weight

- My stretch marks came out to play

- My hair became fuller, shinier and stronger

- Constant food cravings

- Spitting, nausea, tiredness, constant peeing stopped

- vomiting reduced to once a day or once in 2 days and when i coughed sometimes.

- The coughing continued (No drug worked, had to wait till it passed)

What were some of the things you experienced in your third trimester? Kindly share them below..

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