These 10 tricks would help you save money when buying baby products. (Part 2)

Oreoluwa Folayan Mon 17-Jan-22 23:01:01

These 10 tricks would help you save money when
buying baby products. (Part 2)

items are nice to own but here are
to consider before
going shopping for your baby items.

  • - There is absolutely no crime in collecting hand
    me downs, you could also give out used baby clothes and gears you no
    longer need. It’s very cost effective.

  • - Some items are totally unnecessary and can cause
    more harm than good. So, unless you are getting a push walker, a
    sit-in walker is totally unnecessary and have been known to cause
    falls too.

  • - Research on items before buying them, compare
    prices from online marketplace websites, a lot of times, they sell
    way cheaper than your everyday online vendor.

  • - Understand the types and brands of a product
    before purchasing. Example; long stem pumps are only helpful to
    those with pointed nipples. Someone with flat nipples should only
    ever go for short stem pumps.

    • - Ask yourself questions. Will it matter in X
      number of days or months? Is it worth it? How many times would it be
      used for” etc

it’s a total necessity, to save cost, you would actually need to
overlook a lot of baby items and just go for the essentials.

Teehamilton Wed 19-Jan-22 10:01:24 Add Message | Report

So helpful…thanks!?

Macybriggs Tue 18-Jan-22 00:01:20 Add Message | Report

Wow, that was very insightful.. thank you

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