Tips to boost your toddlers speech

Faith Teniola Fri 16-Dec-22 09:12:19

Describe Everything: Explain where you are, what you are doing, what you can see, where you are going. Describe life to a toddler as they may see it. Describe in an interesting way

Ask Questions: Even if they cannot reply yet, ask questions, put plenty of intonation into it so they know it's a question and it deserves an answer.

Tell Stories: Get their imagination going with a simple object or pictures and tell them all about it.

Be Positive: Talking and speaking is not just about giving orders, make speaking fun and positive.

Avoid Baby Talk: Children understand a lot more than we think from. A very early stage, there is no point in dumbing down the conversation. Use simple but real languages.

Gesture More: It has been shown that none verbal communication matters more to children's understanding.

Stop & Listen: Give them a chance to respond and reply.

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