Tips to get your baby to sleep better

Ibinabor Osaghie Thu 01-Dec-22 10:12:00

  • Regulate Your Baby's Sleep Patterns: The best way to do this is to stand next to their crib and gently pat their back while making shushing sounds when you notice them starting to rouse

  • Create a Naptime Routine: Prepare your baby for sleep with a bedtime story, a cuddle session or changing into comfy loungewear. They will begin to associate these activities with sleep, which should make setting them in for naptime a breeze

  • Use White Noise: If your home is incredibly noisy, you'll want something to drown out the noise. A white noise machine could be just the trick

  • Balance Between Light & Dark: A dim room with brown curtains that let a touch of light in is often helpful 

  • Be Diligent About Routine: You'll have to pay attention to both the clock and your baby's signals to know when they are hungry, sleepy or tired. However, babies don't have the power to satisfy these needs on their own. That's why they need you to create and maintain a consistent schedule

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