Why your baby does not need a sit-in walker.

Oreoluwa Folayan Mon 17-Jan-22 23:01:46

Babies naturally achieve their milestones when
they are physically and physiologically ready. A lot of people think
that gears like sit-in walkers aid in this milestone feat. Here are
some reasons why you should consider ditching a walker all together
or opt for a push walker instead.

    - The sit in walker forces them to be in be in
    certain positions all the time. It strains their hips and doesn’t
    allow some muscles develop properly.

    • - Studies have shown that it doesn’t “help your child walk”
      any faster, some studies even link it to some possible delays in
      locomotive development as it takes the child away from the floor.

    • - It is banned in countries like Canada and are not
      recommended in countries like Australia.

    • - It has been responsible for so many fall
      accidents as children have no way of controlling directions and can
      just move haphazardly or fall down the stairs in them.

    conclusion, if you want to help your baby walk, let them spend more
    time on the floor or place them close to objects they can hold
    upright and cruise with. Alternatively, you can opt for a push walker
    as the baby has a chance to drop to the floor whenever they want.
    Never leave babies unsupervised.

    Macybriggs Tue 18-Jan-22 00:01:13 Add Message | Report

    Wow!!! very insightful, thank you so much for this.

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