You Shouldn't Make Firstborns Overly Responsible For Siblings - Psychotherapist

Maria Williams Thu 06-Oct-22 11:10:19

"Parents, do not make your first-born children overly responsible for their younger siblings. They grow up too fast and their childhood is

compromised. The impact on their cognitive process is not healthy. A lot of first-borns grow up not knowing how to ask for help. It's sad.

Imagine having to wake every morning and

the burden of your entire family is on your


First-borns usually have to mature quickly. They are rarely pampered and this makes them have a high threshold for emotional distress.

If you're a first-born and have had to be either emotionally or financially responsible for your family from a tender age, I'm sending you warmth. You are seen. You deserve your flowers.

You're permitted to live life too. You're permitted to make mistakes" - Adedoyin Ajayi

Source: @instablog

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