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Hello mummies & doctors in d huz, pls I need ur assistance. I lost my first child(babyboy) 4days after delivering to pregnancy induced bp in 2010, after then, I had my 2 adorable damsels, right now my little angel is 2plus & am warming up for another missionary journey, pls someone dat knows very well should pls teach me wen is best to strike to achieve xy.My last menses was on d 28th of may, my circle is 28days,duration is 4days.I know I will be ovulating on d 12th, but what I need to know now is whether to strike a day before d ovulation or wait to d eggs are released, thou d egg release comes with serious cramps but I can still manage if need be.Your meaningful contributions will be appreciated tnx.
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@chida, nice one
Ebere Henrieta
Is best to get ovulation predict kit, test ur urine from day 11 , and trust me u will get what u want, cause guessing at times fails, most importantly God has d final say. All d best
Ruth Ibra
Ok tnx alot!
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