Pls I need more light on how handle baba who don't like taking medicine and how to stop children for bedwetting?
My baby too does nt lik taking drugs wat i do is show her wat she liks wen she opens her mouth wil put it,hold her mouth till she swallow.2 stop a child 4rm bedwetting try as much as possible 2 wake d child up at nyt at most every 2 to 3 hours though its nt easy but its worth it
Please you have to wake your baby up at least twice at night to wee by this he will get use to it and wake up and go to toilet by himself anytime he wants to wee.sorry I know it’s not easy but that’s the sacrifice of a motherhood
Not all kids like to take drugs by u can gradually pour under her tongue till she finishes it,than to stop bedwetting i no it's not easy to wake up to make your toddler wee at the midnight but if u can do this within a month u will see changes.