Help! My Nipple Hurts

My nipples are in severe pain from breastfeeding. And to top it, baby boy doesn't know when not to bite. I have no idea what I can do to reduce the pain at least. Please don't mention hot compress coz I've done that and it hasn't seemed to improve.

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kinsmorris 4 months ago
Speak to a lactation consultant mama, it might be a problem with how the baby's latching
olaolagbemi 4 months ago
Your breast milk has antibacterial properties mama, you can rub on breast milk to your nipple to ease the pain.
mariawilliams 4 months ago
Sorry mama. I think this problem is similar to women with baby boys. Boys naturally suck which causes the nipple to crack and hurt. You can try natural to put coconut oil on the crack. A little quantity because of the baby though.