What’s the funniest advice you ever got as a first time mum.

When a lot of people see first time mums, they automatically rule them out as clueless. But the truth is, we all have mother instincts to know how to care for our babies. Unfortunately, confusion happens when everyone else has something to say about your baby care. I’m not saying their all wrong but you should always seek professional help only. 

That said, the funniest advise I ever got was to stop putting my baby in a carrier because she’s not comfortable there and I should back her instead. I almost asked if my baby complained to the said person. It was quite hilarious to me.

In conclusion, unless you are asked, try not to offer unsolicited advices. They already go through a lot.

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tolanibecroft 6 months ago
Lol A lot of unsolicited advises first time mums get. Well said Ore