Anyone trying to Conceive after Miscarriage?

My friend has been trying to conceive for 4 years after a miscarriage? Anyone experienced this before?

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Yeah I dealt with that a year ago
adaezeokesola 5 years ago
If you feel you want to have sex again soon after a miscarriage, it is better to wait a few days to give yourself time to heal. The lining of your womb will likely be tender, and can easily become infected. If there were no complications with your miscarriage, such as infection or prolonged heavy bleeding, it’s perfectly safe to have sex after a few days. As long as you feel ready.‘You do not need to wait months following a miscarriage before trying to conceive again,’ says Dr Venkat. ‘There is no harm in trying again following your first normal period. Once you’ve begun ovulating, her body is back to normal physically and it is safe to try for another baby.’