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Owerri, Imo

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In vitro fertilization(IVF) and embryo transfer(ET) is a fertility treatment which enables those with the following infertility issues to conceive.

IVF Treatment and embryo transfer involve the stimulation of the ovaries to develop several follicles and eggs through the use of oral or injectable medications. Once the follicles are appropriately matured, an artificial ovulation surge is created using LH or HCG and thru appropriate timing, the mature oocytes (eggs) are retrieved (harvested). The husband’s or donor’s sperm is then washed and placed around each egg or the best of the sperm are injected into each egg to assist fertilization if necessary. After 2-6 days in the proper temperature, pressure, and media to assist with proper fertilization, the best 2-3 embryos are transferred into the woman’s uterus under ultrasound guidance and remaining embryos are either immediately frozen if desired, or left to incubate.

10 Government House road, Off Orlu road ,High Court junction , Owerri, Imo, Nigeria.
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