I can't produce enough milk for my baby as my supply has gone really down since over a month that I resumes work and my baby is getting fussy at the breast as he cannot get enough anymore, I do express but the supply is no longer enough. I stay 8 hrs stretch each day at work. I want to breastfeed my baby well for at least a year six months and its already 4months and no adequate supply. What can I do to boost my supply again?
The dynamics of breast milk production is such that milk is produced by virtue of the stimulating effect of the child's suckling on its mother's nipples triggering a "letdown reflex" which delivers breast milk produced "de novo" [a new] directly to the breast ducts and into the baby's mouth [contrary to the popular belief that the bulk of breast milk is "stored" in the breast].
You need to relax and not to worry as it would negatively affect breast milk production. You also need to eat well and drink lots of water.
Breastfeeding is demand and supply. The more you put the baby to breast, the more the milk flows.