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Hello Docs and Mums.Pls my Bae is pooing about Four to five times daily as a result of teething is it OK.His head is warm and for how long will the pooing last.
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Hamzat Idayat Yetunde
Gud evening my people, pls I av similar issue with my 5 months baby, I notice wen he is sucking the stomach will be making noise and after few minutes he will poo most times after feeding, then he has facial rash, can it be teeth, he doesn't always suck too, dou he has not been sucking much right from time, he is on EBF, pls wats ur advice for me tanx
Okojie Jem
@Enoabasi12666, thanks a great deal
Hamzat Idayat Yetunde
pls no reply to my question ni
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