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Spend less
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You cant miss it using these food items to enrich baby' s pap,sweet potatoe,rice cereal,green banana porridge. The evidence would show in teeth formation,bone formation,proper eyesight,brain development etc Feeding homemade n natural helps to reduce the impact of teething in babies.Go homemade,go natural,go wholesome foods✨
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Baby's first food
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Have you tried this? So of the supplement we buy from the shelf can actually begotten very cheap with high nutrients. Save the money for another thing and go natural.
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Useful tips
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Good evening meticulous mothers and doctors, my baby of 4months is having small boils on her head, what could be responsible for it and what can I give her. I notice one before and use ori and now I am seeing new ones. Urgent help please.
Baby Care
Good morning doctors and mother,please I need urgent information on when a baby start having teeth and symptoms. Thank you
Baby Care
Good evening mothers and doctors, is it normal for a person to feel pains in the stomach and also stooling after 6 weeks of Cs. If so, what can be done. Thank you
Mom's Health
Good evening mothers and doctors, please save a friend, can salt mix with water be use in cleaning the wound got from CS. Secondly, is it good to use rob on an open wound.please your urgent help.
Good morning mothers and doctors, please my 2 weeks baby has been restless although the night, squeezing her body up and down, please what could be responsible.
Good evening mothers and doctors, I am a FTM, I want to know if it is good to start giving my new born baby water.