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Pls mothers and Doctors help me out,my son poop a lot after breastfeeding him,took him to hospital dey say is normal but he is loosing weight,we are on EBF,d tummy is really disturbing him and he passes a lot of gas.have been giving him colipan but till
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Jennifer James
@Omokeni28489, OK dear thank you.
Okafor Juliet Ezenwa
Babies often poop immediately after every feeding, dat one is normal especially if you are on EBF, Ave u weighed recently, if yes, den bear in mind that the breastmilk is no longer enough for him, or eat well so as to increase your flow of your breastmilk Colic problem is a gradual process, it doesn't stop immediately. At least from 3months up the baby will be free
Jennifer James
@Okafor18004, OK dear,thanx for d advice.God bless
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