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Please someone should help me out .it have been upto 10 days that have missed my period and i did blood test 5days ago and that the scan result i posted it was all negative. Please what the cause .Am trying to conceive for almost 2years now Had a miscarriage around june-july .After showing that result to my gynaecology he ask me to get Dupaston tablets.Please why did he say i should use the tablet . I ask him buh he didnt relpy due to long distance we are talking on chat amd he didnt reply that question can someone hlp me out Am so eager to be positive. Thanks
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Adedeji Mariam
@sharon, thanks so much I dont know what cause my firat miscarriage probably that why he ask me to use it Was just wondering why now
@latinah, me too I miscarried but I just feel that any baby that will stay will stay no matter the stress
Ayodeji Olayinka Adeyoriju
The scan is normal according to findings. Im sure ur doc knows what is best for u, he knows ur history more than we do.
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