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Hello beautiful mommas, its been a while oo, my prince charming is 9months and 3weeks and he is already walking, dude is damn fast but I have a problem, my breast has sagged oo, the left one is flat like slippers, if I eat watery food the right one will swell up and the left will just be saggy am concerned biko what do I have to do, by the time I stop breastfeeding nothing will be left again, am so worried, I wasn't bursty when I was single sha, but the breast is like my mothers own and its giving me lots of concern. Biko I need immediate response. Thanks all
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Happy weekend to you all, my prince charming will be 6months soon and I can't wait to start giving him real food, am kinda tired of breastfeeding, so my question is, apart from pap what other food do I wean him on, is there any page that teaches how to make nutritive purees for toddlers. Maybe a Facebook or YouTube. Pls ur response will be appreciated. Thank u all
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Good morning beautiful moms, my boy has full brows but yesterday I noticed it is withering, is no longer full, he is 4months pls I hope there is no cause for alarm. The fuller brow made him look handsome though.
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Yepeeeee!!!! We are 4months old. It keeps getting better and better. God has been great towards me and my house.
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Hello moms, pls I need help, my boy has this rash on his neck and I noticed yesterday that it has extended to his ears and cheeks, I uses Johnsons products on him, when I showed it to a friend she suggested I use visita plus cream,which I bought but the rash is still there, what else do I use, and I think maybe its still inside his body is there any drug am supposed to give to him. He is 2months old
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Hello mums, today was my boy's 6weeks immunization and since we came back he has been uneasy and crying but now I notice his temp is hot, wat do I do, I already gave him para wen we came back. Pls I need urgent reply.
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Hello pretty mums, I intended to do exclusive breastfeeding, but my boy didn't suck 5days after delivery due to my kind of nipple as dey say so I feed him with formula after I was advised here to, my question now is, he has started breastfeeding now, can I still do exclusive, remember I feed him formula and my mum was secretly giving him water in my absence. If no will he be in any health or intellectual danger because of it.
Hello mums, baby Ugo has started sucking after 4days since delivery but my problem is I think he doesn't suck enough, my mum says his stomach has to come out to prove he is sucking enough. He suck at intervals and stay on it for 20minutes. Pls is it normal? He is 9days old. Pls I need response. I want him to grow fast.
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But I need help mothers, I gave birth on the 26th may, but my baby refuses to suck, he has been making attempt but it seems my nipple is not out or stiffen, what can I do, it worries me today is day three and all I give to him is glucose mixed in water, what do I do pls. Am so worried.
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Rejoice with me everyone, I have put to bed. I have a prince charming living in my house. Praise God....
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Hello mums, pls is it safe to drink cold water, a lot of self acclaimed doctors are scaring me, I crave for very cold water, sometimes I eat ice, but they keep telling me it will kill my baby, am in my 35weeks. Pls I need response. Thanks
Happy Easter to everyone, is an honour to be part of this family.
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