Is it normal for a 13weeks baby to sweat off the forehead or face generally when sucking?
Symptoms of night sweats in kids

Nighttime sweating can mean different things. Your child may be fine and dry all day, but while they’re fast asleep they might have:

Local sweating. This is lots of sweating in just one area. This might be just the scalp or the entire head, face, and neck. You may find that your child’s pillow is drenched while their bed is dry. Older children may have sweating only in the armpits while sleeping.
General sweating. This is lots of sweating over the entire body. Your child’s sheets and pillow are damp with sweat and their clothing is soaked, but they didn’t wet the bed.
Along with sweating, your child may have:

flushed or red face or body
warm hands or body
shivers or clammy skin (due to being soaked in sweat)
grumpiness or tears in the middle of the night because they’re sweaty
sleepiness during the day because their sleep was disturbed by sweating too much

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Yes, it is normal for babies to sweat while sucking. Sucking itself is work, so do not worry.