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Good morning mothers, please I have breastfeeding issues. My baby(6weeks old) doesn't open his mouth to let the breast in but he prefers to suck it in and it has given me sore and painful nipples. I had to stop him from taking direct then express for him. How can I make him get the breast in well. Thanks
Breast Feeding
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Busari Atinuke
Hi....i agree with what @sarah23968 said.... .i have experienced such before. I only adjusted my breastfeeding positioning and the pain,sore left. All the best.
Umoh Etentuk Boro
This is a very educating piece @ Sarah. Pls look to see if ur baby's tongue is properly cut like Sarah said. Sorry for d pains, u will be fine soonest.
@Umoh25098, thanks dear, they actually cut it Sha.
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