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Good afternoon doctors and mums, Please I need urgent help mothers, my baby is 6months 1week and I just started giving him pap and cow&gate milk but since he started taking it he is been stooling light green stool with seeds and mucus in it for the past 2days now so I stopped given him the cow&gate but he is still stooling, really don't know what to do, please mothers that has experienced this help me please what did you do to stop the stooling and what food can I give to my baby? Please a mother needs help.
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Helen Samuel
@Weyinmi23253, thank you MA am really careful with his utensils
Helen Samuel
Thank you very much mothers my baby is doing fine now, we had to go to the hospital thank God he is well now
Dr Weyinmi Orighoye
@mamasamuel, you are welcome
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