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Good morning mothers and happy mother's day to all mothers, may God bless us all. Pls mothers and doctors in the house I need your help am a first time mum and my baby is 3weeks 1day. He woke up this morning finding it hard to breath with the sound of cartah in his nose, when he feeds he will have to stop to take a breath and then start again pls I need ur help has any mum experience this before and what did you do pls I need help thank you
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Helen Samuel
@Omolbaby13593, thanks
Phoyinsade Adedugbe
Pls see your doctor,pls always keep your baby warm especially in cold weather ( be careful with air conditioners and Fan always remember to reduce it to suit your baby) as for the silver bed pls add just a drop to your baby hair oil ( I was told DAT excess is harmful ). If he/ she has cartarh u can use your mouth to bring it out . all the Best .Pls go the hospital first
Helen Samuel
@Phoyinsade16248, thanks will do that
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