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Good morning wonderful Drs n mom's, I don come again o. Pls am a bit confused. I went for antenatal yesterday, n I complained of weakness n dizziness, they collected my blood n urine sample, but asked me not to wait for d result. That I should go n come back in 6weeks time, dats my next appointment. Secondly base on my calculations I should b 20wks now n should b due Oct, but scan showed 23wks n will b due sept. I don confuse finish
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Omoyeni Ibk
U re fine, feed well, vegetables,protein diets,lot of water,rest well,ur antenatal drugs....ur complaints is one of d signs in second trimester,take ur mind off it
Marie Henrie
@Ibk10632, ok dear, am grateful
Queen Adetoke
Scan is not always correct
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