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Guddevenin my able doctors n mother's , my baby's weight at 14 wks ws 6kg n ysterd at 6 months his weight wz 6.5kg n d nurses were complaining DT am feeding him well, he is taking breastmilk, nutribom n pap, wit cow n gate( small). Pls wat else can I feed him wit
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Peak baby or any formula won't do the magic. Firstly, introduce complementary food to her since she is 6month, experiment different rich food, potatoes, carrot, pear avocados, egg yolk, boneless Titus, powdered rice, varieties of cereals etc. My 10mnth has been on peakbaby since scarcity of thrive formula ( at 6mnth), yet her weight at 9mnth was 7.8kg. Personally am not bothered with weight provided a baby is healthy and attaining her developmental milestone (which my supersede sef)
How often you feed is also another thing. And note, very active babies lose weight at this stage of adventure crawling
@dlesh, tnx a lot noted
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