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Gudevenin mums n docs in d house, pls I went for my antenatal today n my urine shows TRACE meaning protein in urine, Wat should v been cause n hw am I supposed to avoid it .
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@Smith protein in urine has notin to do with proteinous food pls... It indicates preclamsia ie pregnancy induced HP. Which is not gd in pregnancy. @NK d dr wil monitor ur BP and advice u properly. But tk enough water. Pregnancy is d cause if u ve not bn hving BP before ok.
Enoabasi Okon
Please consult your doctor for proper advice, well I don't know how many weeks you are now, having protein in your urine is not a good sign and if your bp is high then you may prepare for your baby now whether is time or not. Just for your safety and the baby. Good luck
Tnx to u all, am 36wks nw my BP is okay is just d protein
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