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Good evening beautiful mummies and doctors in the house. Finally my baby boy arrived yesterday morning and he weighs 4.2kg. Thanks you all for your support and advice through out the rest of my pregnancy. May God bless you all!
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Hello super mummies! Am 40weeks +3days gone. Since yesterday I have been having discharge, cramps and tummy tightening which made me uncomfortable a times. I really don't know if its a sign that labor is near but I want to know if there is any thing I can do to go into labor bcos am already too anxious to meet my baby! And I do exercise a lot! Pls what do I do?
Gudday mummies and Dr in the house! Am 34weeks gone and I have been going to the toilet since morning and its not like am stooling. Its just like someone having dysentery and the poo is black. Its making me feel weak and uncomfortable. Pls what do I do?
Greetings lovelies!! Am 7months pregnant and I have not being myself since morning. My head is heavy, am week and I have been feeling nauseous! I have been feeling like I have fever but my body is not hot. What do I do? The body pains is getting to me!!
Good day mummies! Am 7months pregnant and for a while now,I don't have any urge to have sex with my hubby again . Even when my hubby touches me it irritate me so much . I really need help! what do I do?
Hello mummies and Drs in the house I greet you all! Am a mother of two and my two kid was born with jaundice. Now am 26weeks gone with my third baby, is there any thing I can do to prevent my baby from being born with jaundice. Thanks while I await your answers.
Dear mothers and Drs I am 6months pregnant and eyes are itching me real bad. Is it OK or do I have anything to fear about?
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