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Good Evening docs and mothers,pls my baby is 8weeks and he prefers the left breast to the right,he cry's each time I force him to suck but feeds well on the left breast. This is my first child and am not comfortable with that anymore. What do I do???
Breast Feeding
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Olamiposi Ololade Ademuyiwa
Hope you are carrying him well when putting him to your right breast cos we find it easier to carry them to suck the left. The position of carriage could make them loose interest so please check that he's comfy
Mine prefers the left breast up till now. My left breast is now times 2 of my right breast cos it fills up more quickly. Not been funny at all cos I have to pad my breast to make them look same size
Oluwafemi Setemi
Attempt the one he doeent suck first for him when he is hungry. That's what's my babies did.sorry dear
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