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Hello every one... Am in my 37 weeks and I find love making so awfully now. And my frds said I Ned it now. Am so confused .
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Mummy David
No b by force. I had sex till d day bfr, I still an epi. Its d sperm dt helps with dilation. It contains prostaglandins that simulate pitocin which they use in augumenting. That is to say that... if u hv sex more close to ur dur date and ur hubby ejaculates inside, yes, ur labour might be fast. It doesn't make d opening wider biko. A woman's anatomy has d ability to stretch wide enough to accomodate a baby's head. If its not enough, they gv u a slight cut callled an episiotomy
Mummy David
Some people say they feel the pain of episiotomy. I didn't. I was induced with misoprostol and also augumented with 2 drips of pitocin. I chop pain belleful so when d epi was done, I didn't feel ANY Pain. I only heard d sound of the scissors. Not to worry, epi or not, u will do just fine. If u hv an epi, take vitC to heal up fast, do sitz bath and practice kegel. By 6 weeeks, u shd be good to go
Adesina Pamela
Thanks so much everyone..... I really appreciate.
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