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Hi mum..what kind of milk should I use for my haby to make her add weight5
My baby is going tru d process of teething and she reduced now. She is 5months plus.pls what will I give her to gain her weight back.she was 7 before now 6.7.
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Morning mama's ..my baby of 5 months plus is running temp dey said she is preparing for teeth. D doc prescribe piccan it reacted on her.so I HV stop .pls what should I give her.
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My name is Adesina bolutife Daniella... Am two months old today.thank u Jesus!
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Hi mama's... I really don't understand what am seeing on my baby head. It looks like dandruff. I was using Johnson's baby oil before someone a nurse said I should stop it tat I should been using olive oil.i don't know d one tat is reacting on her hair o. She is 1 mth. Pls Wat do I buy to get rid of dis?
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My people.... Please can I use teething powder on my 1month baby. I was told that d earlier the better... #Isttimemom#
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Thanks mums and doc in d house...my baby has àrrived ....thank u jesus
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Hi mummy's in d house... Pls is there any cure for swollen leg in pregnancy?
Morning my fellow mum in d House..am in my 38wk.I woke up dis morning I saw egg white mucus is it show or wat?cos I was told show comes wit blood.
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Hello every one... Am in my 37 weeks and I find love making so awfully now. And my frds said I Ned it now. Am so confused .
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Evening mummy's in d house am 33weeks gone. I notice all tru Tat my doc did nt issue Beco during Natal. Only folic acid and ferrous .is it right?
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