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Hi mama's... I really don't understand what am seeing on my baby head. It looks like dandruff. I was using Johnson's baby oil before someone a nurse said I should stop it tat I should been using olive oil.i don't know d one tat is reacting on her hair o. She is 1 mth. Pls Wat do I buy to get rid of dis?
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Mummy David
Dts cradle cap frm ur description. Whitish,flaky abi? Simple remedy but absurd... sebi u knw fairy fr washing plates. Use it. By d second use,it will b all gone. Subsequently, use pure coconut oil & dont apply too much. Welldone mummy
Adesina Pamela
Mummy David it is flaky
Adesina Pamela
Thanks @all am looking forward to a positive results.. I have bought d coconut oil
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