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Gud evening mummies nd doctors in d house, MA baby of 9month+ ve bn purging nd vomiting since yesterday, gave him zinc....tuk him to d hospital nd de gave pcm,ORS,septrine nd promitidine(don't mind ma spelling) 4 d vomiting...nd his still own,any advice pks
Baby Care
Gud morning wonderful mummies nd doctors in d house, pls help woo ma baby of 7mnth poured hot water on his hand,I put salt on it dat helped him not to swell bt a small portion swelled nd it's spreading to d oda part,wat shld I do to stop spreading,shld I pinch it to remove d water?....his on medication
Baby Care
Gud morning mummies nd doc in d house, I Don com wit ma wahala again,pls no ves ma 6 mnth baby is pooing nd d poo is foamy...some says is part teething...is it true pls
Baby Care
Gud morning mummies nd doctors in the house,Ma daughter of almost 3yrs ve rashes on ha back nd tummy nd it aching....went to several hospital bt to no avail, she is having sleepless nyt dis days wat can I do pls(it since from birth,it comes nd goes)
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Good day mamas in d house,pls can I add formula to friso (wheat). Tnx
Gud PM mummies nd doc,pls help me translate dis scan result.....TECHNIQUE:Real-time sonographic images were obtained in multiple projections. FINDINGS: the uterus is slightly bulky wit gestational say but no fetal echoes...GSF:2.3CM,EGA:6weeks +1day EDD 06/03/2018,pls need urgent reply
Gud morning mummies nd doctors in d house, I ve using liquid dettol for ma baby wen bathing bt advice not to by a friend while some said I shld continue... Pls wats ur opinion am confused tnx
Baby Care
God day mamas nd doc's in d house,I Don com wit ma wahala again...as I removed ma bra yesterday I heard a severe pain by ma right Breast nd had a sleepless nyt....pls wat would I do cos it still pains
Breast Feeding
Gud morning mummies nd doctors in d house, MA baby is 3 months ol nd ma vigina is dry since after ma menstruation....pls wat will I use to make it moist.....it been causing me problem.tnx
Mom's Health
Good morning mummies nd doctors in d house,pls what is d best way of family planning.... Am a mother of two nd MA baby us 10weeks now
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