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How helpful and understanding was your hubby while you were pregnant?
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Jennifer Mark
And a Yoruba man can never do house work for a woman, they believe it's a woman duty. Unless a man who is the woman in the house, or the one the woman has tired down with juju.
Chichy Ukay
@jennifer mark I beg to disagree am married to a Yoruba man. From d day we found out I was pregnant till date I have never swept, now was the toilet nd bathroom. He washes nd keeps the house clean. He cooks nd takes care of me. He keeps his eyes open while I sleep. I dare not say my back is paining me, he will so massage till I tell him am OK. A proper lagosian
Unyime Israel
Oh my God, I can't wait to take in again ooooo, cos I was treated like a queen this days.
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