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Is motherhood everything you thought it would be? Share your thoughts below
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Dr Weyinmi Orighoye
Oh yes! I think it's getting easier especially as a working mother. At the early weeks, it was not easy accepting that I cannot just go out alone. I miss those days. I have an extra person to carry along. So no more bikes, or anyhow keke especially to places that are hard to get to. I learnt how to cook sleep with my baby very early as it saved me energy. That standing up at night and carrying him from his cot to breastfeed was killing me. So we started sleeping together. Aside that, we are doing well as mother and child.
To be honest, it's different. It's more than I thought... Of course, having your baby is everything but sometimes things can be overwhelming. There are times when you'd just be confused not knowing what to-do to calm ur baby. Handling the home, hubby, baby, work etc it's really not easy but whenever I look at my little one hmm I get the courage to keep being strong. But most importantly there's an inner strength that comes along with being a Mother. I'm loving it my baby gives me so much joy.
Nafisah Idris Abubakar
Wow motherhood.... Hmmmmm what can I say it's a wonderful experience, looking at my baby gladens my heart, I must confess it's not easy, especially adjusting to waking up at night... Breastfeeding(that's one hell of a job.. Lol)but all in all I thankGod, been a mother is the best experience ever.... 3Gbosa for mothers.......
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