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Is it necessary to deworm a 10 months old baby?
You can start deworming a child as from 1 year old. And subsequently, every six months
Can I give my 10 months old boy corn an millet or is too much starch?
You can as long as the baby tolerates it
My 10 months son eats everything except porridge but for the past four months he's been weighing the same.The nurses are complaini...
Your baby's weight is okay as it is still within 80% - 120% of ideal weight range but it is important to make sure your baby's weight do not remain static or same or even worse drop below what it was before, those are very bad signs.
Kindly note that your baby is suppose to double his birth weight by 6 months
For some days now, my 10 months old son poos immediately after eating. Please is it something to be worried about?
What actually should bother you is not whether your child passes stools after every meal but whether that frequency is abnormal compared to his normal bowel habit. Also what should be your concern is if the stool is watery
Can I give a ten months old baby yogurt?
Yes, you can give your baby yogurt but the unsweetened is preferable.
Is it good to grind ginger and corn for a 10 months baby pap?
It is okay.
my baby is 10 months already today but we missed out on the 9 months vaccine because she was ill , so I want to know if we can sti...
Yes she can go ahead and take all the missed vaccines. That is what we call catch-up immunizations.
I want to start feeding my 10 months old
baby eggs, should I boil or fry? Can I feed her noodles as well?
Boiled is better
My 10months old baby is sucking her lower lip, what is
the solution?
This is a self comforting habit for your baby, he/she will out grow and stop it with time.
Can beverages like 'Milo' be mixed with pap for a 10month old?
Dear Mum, No. Do not mix beverage with your baby Pap.
Please hold on till s/he is a year old
My lovely baby boy is 10 months but there is a sound I don't know understand. Whether it is in the heart or stomach the sound is l...
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Please take your child to see a doctor, preferably a paediatrician for proper evaluation and management. The doctor will see the child and probably conduct tests to determine what is wrong with him. Please treat as urgent especially as it makes child uncomfortable.
My baby of 1 year 10months has outrightly refused to accept a family meal, he is only accepting Pap, Cereal, snack, juice, bread a...
Also, try and fortify the ones he takes now with required nutrients.
My baby boy clock 10months on Sunday. But his till trying to stand on his legs. But he moves his walker himself with reverse
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Babies walk at different times.
Kindly see a Paediatrician only if he is not yet walking by 18months. However I am sure he will walk before then.
Please, can I give my One year and 10months boy tea? (Milo and peak milk)
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Yes ma'am, you can.
What can I use in cleaning my 10mths old baby's tooth? Thanks in anticipation.
Brush your child's teeth for about TWO minutes TWICE a day: once just before bedtime and at least one other time during the day. Preferably after breakfast! This I know sounds strange because we've been raised all our lives to brush before eating in the mornings but if you brush your teeth before going to bed at night, then after breakfast is ideal for your next brushing session.
My 10 months old doesn't crawl or stand up using objects. He only sits and play's by himself.is there any way I can train him.
Babies crawl averagely by 9 months but some babies never crawl before walking.
My son has jaundice when I gave birth to him which they exchange blood for him, now he is 10month old and has crossed eyes if he i...
There are many causes of cross eyes in children from nothing to brain problem or issues with the muscles controlling the eyeballs to issues with the eyes itself. Best thing to do is to see an eye doctor... Ophthalmologist once you noticed the cross eyes immediately
Is it ok to give baby malaria drugs when there is no sign of the illness yet? Let's say for prevention..My baby is almost 10 month...
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You are not to be randomly treating malaria in children mums....pls wait till the child actually have malaria confirmed with a blood test and then you can treat the malaria which the doctor will prescribe the anti-malariadrug .
I got this Drug Amoxicillin for my baby but I forgot to ask how many mls to give him. 10 months old. Pls help
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Your paediatrician should have given you the prescription. Hope the drug was prescribed by your Doctor?. Kindly see your paediatrician to prescribe the appropriate dosage to the antibiotic.
My boy of ten months started vomiting yesterday, I rushed him to the hospital they ran a test and confirmed that he had malaria. T...Whenever he sucks or takes his pap he vomits everything out. And I noticed that he belches a lot from yesterday like after every...
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Kindly take the baby back to the hospital immediately and treat this as urgent ...the baby should be on drip if still vomiting until now .....
Please demand to see a paediatrician if possible preferably in a teaching hospital.