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My neighbour son was infected with chickenpox, what precautions do I need to take so that my 11 months baby will not be affected?...
Ensure you limit contact with the infected person as much as possible. Try and separate him/her to limit contact with other members of the family. If you can get Chicken pox immunoglobulin, that will provide excellent temporary protection for your baby especially but it is scarce and generally expensive. Do your best and pray for the best outcome.
what could be the cause of snoring in a baby of 11 months, and what is the remedy for it?
It could be positioning during sleep, habit especially if familiar or adenoids enlargement. Kindly see a Paediatrician for proper evaluation and management.
What can be the cause of a swollen eye, hours after been awake for a baby of 11 months plus?
There are many causes of swelling especially involving the eyes..... We need to rule out problems with the major organs like the heart, kidney, or liver... Also allergic reactions. Kindly treat it as urgent. Also, see a PAEDIATRICIAN for further evaluation and management
My baby of 11months has rashes that itch and makes her uncomfortable to sleep. Please what can I use?
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They are different kinds of rash and it takes a doctor to physically examine to determine which it is and the treatment. Please kindly take your baby to the hospital for proper evaluation and management
My baby of 11 months has refused to take baby food, ( pap, cereal, custard, Friso gold) , he only wants to eat what I eat, but I f...
Ma'am, the most important thing is to ensure that your child is fed with balanced meals.
pls, can I add sugar to the pap of 11months old baby, urgent pls.
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It is advisable to avoid sugar as much as possible. The less white sugar the better.
Can I give my baby 11month moko quinine anti-malaria?
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Hello Ma'am, was the drug prescribed by a paediatrician? Does your baby have malaria?
What is the best way to give drugs to an 11 months old child so she doesn't throw them up?I'm having that issue with my daughter. No drug is going in. Drugs gave us from the hospital after running some test. Please help.
Kindly avoid giving her medications after feeding and a full tummy.
My 11months baby has feverI went to the clinic yesterday and she was given paracetamol but she is not getting any better, any home remedies to lower her te...
Kindly take your child back to the hospital to see a doctor preferably a paediatrician for proper evaluation and treatment
My 11-month baby eyeball change like red whenever he cries. What is the cause?
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What do you mean by change like red? Most people eyes are red when crying or maybe I didn't understand the question? Please clarify!
My baby of 11months still drools is it something to be worried about?
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Drooling in children normally resolves with time. Sometimes it can be a sign that baby want to erupt new tooth. In an otherwise healthy baby, there is nothing to worry about.... Some babies drool saliva as habit which they outgrow. However if there are other medical issues for example delayed developmental milestones... Kindly see a Paediatrician preferably a Paediatric Neurologist for further evaluation
What can I use for my 11 months old baby, she's passing whitish and a times yellowish stool like 5 times daily
As regards the whitish poo, You should see a Paediatrician if that colour persists
My 11 months old child is sick since Thursday and I took him to the hospital, they gave him injection because he has malaria. I co...
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There are many causes of vomiting and since it is persistent kindly see a Paediatrician for thorough evaluation urgently. Causes range from minor irritations to severe and emergency situations.
Can my baby of 11 months and 2 weeks eat Golden morn?
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No ma, you can't. According to Nestle, the makers of Golden morn, Golden morn is from age 3 and above
My almost 11 months old Boy poop smells really bad. Have been to the hospital but till, he's teething too.
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As long as the stools are not watery, there is no need to worry and you do not need to cleanse any system. The smell of your baby's Poo depends on what the child is currently eating and there is nothing wrong with that.
Dear doctors, pls my baby of a yr and 11months is pooing almost every 10-20mins, the poo is not watery but frequent, pls is it som...
As long as the poo is normal and not watery its nothing to worry about.
Please mom's and Docs.. Can I give my baby of 11 months Complan milk?
According to Victor Olusegun Rowland, the Medical Detailing Lead (Manager) – Nigeria, Craft Heinz Company (The maker of Complan Milk) .......over the use of Complan for infants. Below were his exact words: “COMPLAN MILK should not be administered to a child before 3 years of age. The reason is this: a child’s internal organs and systems had not reached functional maturity before the age of 2 years. However, in Nigeria, the local legislation stipulates that adult milk should only be administered after 3 years of age. That is why COMPLAN is recommended after 3 years of age......
My eleven months old baby doesn't want to eat anything solid only liquid and mostly breast. what should I do?
Does changing of environment affect babies? Travelled with my baby of 11montsh. He's not eating as usual.
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What kind of foods have you tried? Trying Fruits Puree can help
Hello house, pls my baby is 11months old and she doesn't crawl yet. Pls what do I do ?
Different mothers have different developmental growth milestone. Don't worry, your baby will be fine :)