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Please mom's and Docs.. Can I give my baby of 11 months Complan milk?
According to Victor Olusegun Rowland, the Medical Detailing Lead (Manager) – Nigeria, Craft Heinz Company (The maker of Complan Milk) .......over the use of Complan for infants. Below were his exact words: “COMPLAN MILK should not be administered to a child before 3 years of age. The reason is this: a child’s internal organs and systems had not reached functional maturity before the age of 2 years. However, in Nigeria, the local legislation stipulates that adult milk should only be administered after 3 years of age. That is why COMPLAN is recommended after 3 years of age......
My eleven months old baby doesn't want to eat anything solid only liquid and mostly breast. what should I do?
Does changing of environment affect babies? Travelled with my baby of 11montsh. He's not eating as usual.
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What kind of foods have you tried? Trying Fruits Puree can help
Hello house, pls my baby is 11months old and she doesn't crawl yet. Pls what do I do ?
Different mothers have different developmental growth milestone. Don't worry, your baby will be fine :)
My baby of 11 months always throws up his food after eating. Please what do I do? I have tried giving multivitamin but it seems no...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

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Is it Regurgitation or vomiting? If it's regurgitation. Most babies do this....
My baby of 11 months is having temperature on his head but his palms and legs are not hot, please what could be the problem
Please, see your doctor