My baby of 11 months don't like eating he eat little of some food like 3 spoons and refuse to take some, what can I do to help him eat.
Feeding children complimentary meal can be challenging as some children might be very picky eaters and lot of patience is needed. Don’t give up on new foods! Patience is the key. Another good one is Perseverance. Don’t be quickly give in when the child refuses the new food after the first attempt. You may have to offer your child a new food 10 or 15 times before he will eat it. You may even have to revisit already abandoned one and you may be surprised it will now become accepted! Please be patient and try as much as possible to make meal time fun for your child. You can also try eating along with her to encourage her.
Introduce her to varieties of food containing all classes of food including fruits, you will surely find some foods she likes until she adjusts very well.