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My baby is 3 months old and since yesterday I notice his head is warm, palm also too please is it normal?
Feeling your baby's head with your palm can be misleading. Get a digital thermometer, a reading between 36.5 and 37.5 °C is normal. When the readings is above that, you might need to give paracetamol and Tepid sponge.
But if it persists, you will need to take the child to see a paediatrician for proper evaluation and management. Kindly note that some children do have normal body temperature with hot forehead. This is usually due to excessive play, where blood vessels are dilated.
My son clocked 3 months yesterday but his head is falling one side is there anything I should do because about it?
Head control is usually achieved between 3-4 months. If still worried , see a Paediatrician preferably a Developmental Paediatrician for further evaluation and management.
My baby of about 3mnths old doesn't make sound (i.e talk) He only cries, please should i be worried?
You should not worry. Babies don't talk at three months. Just crying is enough.
My 3 months old baby and I have cold. Can i still breastfeed him? He is pure breastfeed, no formulated milk.
Please continue breastfeeding your baby
My 3 months old baby can now understand and do what I tell him to do. Is that maybe one of the signs that he is a smart one?
Your baby's reaction is normal.

It's expected that by 3 months babies should be able to interact or smile with others.

You should read this;
A language disorder may be spoken and/or written (reading and writing). It may also be receptive (understanding) and/or expressive (talking, reading, writing, or signing).
*Doesn't smile or interact with others (birth–3 months)
*Doesn't babble (4–7 months)
*Makes few sounds (7–12 months)
*Does not use gestures (e.g., waving, pointing) (7–12 months)
*Doesn't understand what others say (7 words (2 years)
* Has trouble playing and talking with other children (2–3 years)
*Has problems with early reading and writing skills—for example, may not show an interest in books or drawing (2½–3 years)
Please is it okay to allow my almost 3 months old baby sleep while the AC or fan is on? Though I always put it at the lowest.
Yes, you can
There is no sign of bcg on my 3 month old baby arm. Do I need to take him back for another one?
Sometimes the BCG is given too deep instead of into the skin and at times it might not show for whatever reason. Usually to confirm in case of no BCG scar, we will do a mantoux test to see if there is a reaction expected for someone who has had BCG. If there is none after 72 hours, we will give the BCG again as long as child is healthy(a normal Chest X ray may be needed at times)
My neighbors baby is 3 months and 3 days old, his neck is yet to be stable, his nose is flat. Is it normal for a child of that age...
Kindly note that neck control is achieved by 3-4 months while sitting milestone is achieved by 5-6 months.
My baby of 3 months poo is just like foam, what could be the problem?
There are many possibilities.. It could be lot of inhaled gases being passed on into the stools... Can also be sign of infection if there is mucus or blood in the stools as well
My baby of 3 months, his poo is just like foam please what could be the problem
There are many causes of foamy stool; it may be too much intake of air during breastfeeding or infection.
How can one increase the amount of breast milk expressed? The amount I express before going to work is usually not enough for my b...
You need to relax, drink a lot of water and breastfeed/express the breast milk even while at work...the higher the demand or expression of breast milk, the more the milk flows
My son of 3 months did not poo for 5 days now, although since two Weeks ago it was three day interval, I am just worried.
Is your baby on exclusive breastfeeding?
Can you recommend a body cream for my baby, He is 3 months old
You can use hypoallergenic cream for your baby. Any cream your baby is not allergic to is fine. Hypoallergenic products include pure vaseline perfume free, Shea butter, olive oil, Sebamed products etc.
My 3 months baby poo three times a day and people says its teeth, how true is that?
Is your baby on EBF?
My baby is 3months old but she is
always stretching what could be the cause?
It depends
on what you mean by stretching... stretching
as in discomfort like babies do when having
colic or stretching as in convulsion where
the baby is not fully aware of what is going
onjQuery32106705611995597556_1626090119509 You may want to do a video clip and
show it to the Paediatrician as soon as
possible to know which is.
Please after deworming a child at 1 year, when’s the next dosage? Is it every 6 months or 3 months
It’s every 6 months
My 3 months old baby has not poo
since 4 days, is it good or not?
Is your baby on exclusive
Please is 3 months old baby due for deworm?
No, you can start deworming a child as from 1
year old. And subsequently, every six months.
A friend of mine her baby is 3months but she just got
to know her breastmilk is not coming out, pls any remedy?
To increase breast milk supply, you need to eat well, drink lots of water and fluid generally. But most importantly relax, avoid stress as much as possible. Also note that, milk supply is a direct response to demand the more baby is put to
breast, the more the milk generated.
My 3 months old baby is having sores on her
tongue, please what can i do about it?
Clean the mouth with cotton wool in mild
antiseptics like TCP and you can apply bonjela cream for soothing effects as first aid on your way to the hospital for proper diagnosis and treatment.