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Please which baby food is good for my baby of three weeks?
Paediatrician recommended EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING for the first 6months. If at all for any reason you could not breastfeed your baby exclusively till 6months, you are to give any age appropriate formula.
Please what is the best position to lay a baby? He is 3weeks old
Paediatricians advises putting baby on their back is best. However, baby can also sleep on their sides.
My daughter of 3 weeks frequently poo and doesn't often burps after been breastfed, what could be the cause, she is on EBF.
Frequent poo is normal in EBF babies.
If the stool is not watery then there's nothing to worry about. Babies on EBF may not poo daily, they can stay up to 2weeks without having to poo. Sometimes, they can poo up to 12 times in a day.
As long as the stools are normal. There's nothing to worry about.
Our son of 3 weeks old stretch and sleepless at night and do more sleeping in the day time only when carried. My wife is worried a...
Sounds like colic.

Colic is common in babies . It usually starts a few weeks after birth and often improves by age 3 months.
Colic requires no medication, By ages 4 to 5 months, the majority of babies with colic have improved.

But if the pains becomes severe and baby cries continuously, kindly see a doctor.
My 3 weeks old baby is having a stuffy nose what should I do?
For Nasal congestion... Steam inhalation or saline drops may help with the flow of the catarrh... If no improvements Kindly see a doctor for proper evaluation and further management
I noticed yellow patches on my daughter's
eyes 2 days after she was born but the nurses said I should continue breasting her an...
Since you have been to the teaching hospital and you are asked to breastfeed exclusively please follow that instruction. But if you are still worried kindly see a second pediatrician.
Please, I want to learn about a child's development month by month or should I say baby's milestone. My baby is just 3 weeks plus
My baby of three weeks has not pooed for one week now. She is on EBF. Hope there is no cause alarm.
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It is normal for babies on exclusive breastfeeding not to pass stools every day even up to 2 weeks and as long as the baby is fine...
Please, my baby of 3months has been throwing up after eating, even after he belch for more than 3 weeks. I breastfeed, give formul...But all to no avail, Baby is healthy & strong, feeds very well, no fever but my worry is that he throws up more often, thereby red...
Is the baby throwing up forcefully or bringing back without any force little out of what you fed the baby with? Please clarify. If Baby doesn't throw up forcefully, sounds more like REFLUX...
My friend baby of 3weeks her ear is bringing out pus what cause it and what can be the remedy. Thanks
Good day ma'am, please let the child be seen by a ENT doctor. The pus will be examined and the appropriate treatment can be given.
My baby of three weeks old does not sleep both night and day. What could be the cause? I'm worried.
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Congratulations on my your new born. Babies have dynamic sleep patterns, however what you have described sounds like colic.
What could be wrong with a 3-week old baby who wakes up from sleep crying and stretching intermittently and tries to go back to sl...
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Good evening ma'am, the stretching could be as a result of colic.
Colic is common in babies. Unfortunately, there are no proven treatments that consistently help every baby. Although you can try INFACOL.
It usually starts a few weeks after birth and often improves by age 3 months. By ages 4 to 5 months, the majority of babies with colic have improved.
I just recently weaned my 15 months old baby, about 3 weeks ago, and I have been giving her tea (milk and milo) every day at night...
It is okay to give but in moderation.
A baby of three months three weeks has been coughing since yesterday, please what can I do?
Dr Aina Johnson


Avoid contact with adults with cough and catarrh and keep them warm - no twice daily or Thrice daily unnecessary baths..No cooking indoors or frying oil etc where baby is or use of fleet (insecticide); take all immunisation and keep breastfeeding exclusively....These are some ways to prevent all these cough and catarrh all the time
What could make a three weeks old baby stomach to be making alot of noise. Thanks
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Colic is a major cause. Colic is a natural phenomenon which will resolve with time, just make sure your baby burps after breastfeeding.
Hey, moms of babymigo in the house. I commend you for your efforts to help mums like us. Pls, I would like to know what will make...
What you just described sounds like colic. Though not all excessive cry is colic. Please kindly take back to the Paediatrician for proper evaluation and management preferably in a teaching hospital especially for the hard stomach part.
Good afternoon mum and doctors in the house, please who has used this aju mbaise before .i gave birth 3weeks ago and i have used a...
It works, Preparation and cooking: (1) -- For the raw, wash the wrap with water, don’t loosen it up. (2) -- Put in a bigger pot (3) -- Pour about 2 litres of water enough to cover the Aju mbaise. (4) -- Add the cooking spices, don’t wash because they are in their edible form. (5) -- Cook for 30 minutes to bring out its golden colour. (6) -- Sieve the water in a cup to cool a bit. Drink. (7) -- Boil the complete pack for 5 days, or add fresh water and boil again, extract the water and store in a bottle refrigerate, just warm it whenever your about to drink it, your baby will suck it from your breast.
I gave birth 3weeks ago,still seeing small fluid/blood is it normal??
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Was it through CS or normal delivery?
My baby of 3 weeks plus has not to poo in 6 days. what do I do? I'm so worried. HELP
Is your baby on exclusive breastfeeding?
Can I use Otrivin saline drop for my three weeks baby for a blocked nose that has been there from birth
it is NOT advisable to use medications for your baby without a doctor's prescription.