Good afternoon mum and doctors in the house, please who has used this aju mbaise before .i gave birth 3weeks ago and i have used a wrap already but no
@peaceboyede, That aju mbaise,what are they calling it in Yoruba in case if I want to buy it in d market.
It works, Preparation and cooking: (1) -- For the raw, wash the wrap with water, don’t loosen it up. (2) -- Put in a bigger pot (3) -- Pour about 2 litres of water enough to cover the Aju mbaise. (4) -- Add the cooking spices, don’t wash because they are in their edible form. (5) -- Cook for 30 minutes to bring out its golden colour. (6) -- Sieve the water in a cup to cool a bit. Drink. (7) -- Boil the complete pack for 5 days, or add fresh water and boil again, extract the water and store in a bottle refrigerate, just warm it whenever your about to drink it, your baby will suck it from your breast.