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If a child is taking antibiotics , can she take juice?
Were the drugs prescribed by a doctor?

If no please stop self medication.
If a child is taking antibiotics, can she take juice? The antibiotics was prescribed by a doctor
Yes, but with moderation,since most of the packaged juice contain too much sugar.
Is antibiotic used in treating typhoid harmful to foetus?
A pregnant woman should not use some drugs in pregnancy. So please beware of all these malaria-typhoid diagnosis doctors. Kindly see a gynecologist preferably in the teaching hospitals closest to you
What is your take on treating neonatal jaundice with antibiotics?
How long can syrup outside Antibiotics be kept and later be used again?
​It can be used as long as the drug has not passed the expiry date. That is why the EXACT DATE OF EXPIRY IS THERE.
I'm EBF mother my baby of three month had fever and those not feed well and I went to the hospital and the doctor gave me antibiot...
Did your child undergo laboratory tests before those drugs were prescribed?
Great work babymigo has been doing...My daughter of 19 months..has a temperature I can't describe....sometimes her stomach will be...
Hello Ma, Did you check with a thermometer?
My 4-year-old daughter has been having recurrent sore throat since she was 3. Each time we take her to the hospital antibiotic is...
Sore throat is an inflammation or soreness of the throat. It is usually an infection which could be viral, bacterial or fungal. There are different structures in the throat that could give the sensation of soreness hence the need to have the throat examined and appropriate treatment instituted.
Please ma, my 11 month old has cough and catarrh and also vomits all he eats and he was given antibiotics and paracetamol at the h...
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Good evening, please return to your hospital for a review. This is standard practice. On the other hand, cough. And catarrh may be viral and would normally run its course and resolve on its own.
Good evening everyone pls what can I use to remove rashes from my baby's body which result from antibiotic drugs I gave him
Treatment of rashes depends on the type of rash on the child after a physical examination is carried out. Kindly see a Paediatric dermatologist for examination
I'm a nursing mother, am having whitlow, can I take Lincomycin or any other antibiotics .thanks
Self medication is discouraged especially as a nursing mother.
There are some antibiotics that are safe for breastfeeding mums.
However, do not self medicate please see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment
My 3.5yr old daughter has a recurrent cough. After every two or three weeks, it comes back. It's normally a dry cough and she has...She has been to the doctors several times but they give her antibiotics which only do well for a short while then she back at it...
You need to identify the underlying cause of recurrent cough. These are some of the questions you should ask
1.Anyone with cough and cattarh round baby?
2. Are you exclusively breastfeeding?
3. Are you keeping baby warm or exposing to cold with frequent baths or cold baths or direct fan or too cold ac in the room?
4. Are you exposing baby to smoke - kitchen, cigarette, firewood, palm oil frying etc?
5. Do you have cattarh or cough yourself?
6. Is your baby attending creche?
7. Is your baby well-immunized or age?
If a child vomited antibiotic after given to him immediately do I repeat the dose
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Yes, you should repeat the dose after 30 minutes since he vomited it immediately.
My baby is placed on antibiotics and syrup for cough and catarrh she's having a cold. The drugs have been effective because she's...My problems are 1. She has been refusing to eat thereby losing weight. 2. Is she suppose to b taking blood syrup with the antibiot...
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Pls don't give blood tonic with antibiotics. Poor appetite is not improved by blood tonic. You can give vitamin Bco.... Loss of appetite is a side effect of many drugs and the illness itself.... As the child gets better, the appetite will improve spontaneously
My baby of 3 months has blocked nose for the past one month now and I've taken him to a general hospital for a complaint which the...
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Hello ma'am, about the blocked nose, u can try saline nasal drops and keep the baby warm. If the symptoms persist kindly take your child back to hospital
My 3 months baby is having small boil all over his head, if I apply antibiotics on it, it will come out on another spot, pls what...
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The commonest cause/source of all these boils for babies is from HANDS OF ADULTS that carry babies. Especially in Nigeria, we do not wash our hands routinely and yet everyone will just carry babies with their unwashed hands full of staph!!! The bacteria in your hands will not hurt you but for a baby whose immunity is just maturing, it can cause all these soft tissue and skin infection. I used to tell my mums when going home, only mum and one other assistant who washes her hands frequently should be allowed to carry and touch babies!!!
Please, I want to ask what can cause a baby breathing to be sounding as if she snores. This has started since when she was 3month...The last time we visit the hospital doctor said it broken pneumonia and was given several drugs with Do's and Don't which was foll...
Kindly take the child to the Teaching hospital to see a Paediatrician or ENT surgeon for further evaluation and management .
My son of 1year has been stooling for 3days now and he is currently on ORS and zinc tab. Can I give antibiotic. If yes please what...
Most likely Diarrhoea. This is having frequent loose watery stools. It occurs when the fluid cannot be absorbed from the contents of an individuals bowel or when extra fluid is secreted into the bowel causing watery stool. Usually it could be a symptom of bowel infection called Gastroenteritis which can be caused by some harmful micro organisms that may result from food poisoning I.e drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food.
My baby is one year, one week and some days old. He's on antibiotics prescribed by a doctor, can I deworm him or i should wait aft...
Dr Aina Johnson


Yes you can give him while he is still on antibiotics. Most times, there is no contraindication or interactions. YES let him take the worms expellers....You do NOT need to Stop the antibiotics....We do give both together - worm expellers and antibiotics often
My son of 4yrs keeps getting flu even if I took him to the hospital. They give him antibiotics it's getting better and start again...
You need to see a Paeditrician first for a proper evaluation to know why he is having recurrent illnesses or infections. That will determine the best thing to do in terms of advice