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What could cause a constant temperature in a baby after taken series of malaria drugs?
Did u check the temperature with a thermometer? Use a thermometer to check the temperature. If it is 37.5C and above,the child has fever. You should bring down temperature by exposing child, tepid sponging with warm water and giving paracetamol. They are many causes of fever. Please take child to see a paediatrician who will carry out tests to know cause of fever and provide appropriate treatment.
Please do not self medicate.
My son of 6years plus was ill and had taken anti-malaria with amoxicillin and paracetamol about three weeks ago. but I discovered...
Was a malaria test done and malaria confirmed before the initial treatment?
And was it a doctor that prescribed those drugs you've listed?
Please, note that self-medication is not right.

If a doctor did see your son and prescribed the drugs, kindly go back to the hospital and explain you've not seen changes.
I'm EBF mother my baby of three month had fever and those not feed well and I went to the hospital and the doctor gave me antibiot...
Did your child undergo laboratory tests before those drugs were prescribed?
I need clarity on TT vaccine during pregnancy. How many dosages should a pregnant woman get before delivery and the intervals of t...
All women of child bearing age should have 5 doses of Tetanus Toxoids ... You can take before or during pregnancy.... It is important to prevent neonatal Tetanus in the newborn baby.
Please, which antimalaria drug can be taken by a mother of 5 weeks old baby?
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Kindly see a doctor for confirmation of the Malaria diagnosis first and the appropriate antimalarials will be prescribed. Nursing mothers can take most of the ACT antimalarials
My baby has been having fever for over two weeks, I have taken him to doctor he was placed on anti-malaria which he has taken twic...
Ma'am, please check with a thermometer.
I bought malarial drug(ACT atemater+lumefantrine) for my child who is 4+, but the expiry date on it is 16th March 2020(next month)...
Good evening ma'am, did your child test positive to malaria and was this drug prescribed by a medical doctor?
Took my 20 months old infant to the hospital today and the doc prescribed ACT tabs (Colamer-DS) be taken twice daily, one each.it...
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It must have been given at a reduced dosage for your child. Normally, we do not comment on treatment regimen and medications prescribed by your personal doctors for ethical reasons. Pls always clarify issues on medications prescribed with your doctor before leaving the hospital.
I have a 9-year girl, can I use the antimalarial drug for her, even if she is not sick, all because of school that will resume nex...
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No you can't please wait till its confirmed by a blood test that she has malaria before commencing any treatment prescribed by a doctor.
Is it ok to give baby malaria drugs when there is no sign of the illness yet? Let's say for prevention..My baby is almost 10 month...
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You are not to be randomly treating malaria in children mums....pls wait till the child actually have malaria confirmed with a blood test and then you can treat the malaria which the doctor will prescribe the anti-malariadrug .
My 2-year old tested positive to malaria and I asked to buy Lonart syrup. I was suppose to reconstitute the powder to 60ml but rat...I just want to know ma if the drug will still be effective or should I increase the dosage from 5ml to 7.5ml. Thank you
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You can give like that or you can get a new one. Please make sure you constitute drugs according to instructions.
My baby has been running temperature and I took her to the hospital they carried out a test and confirm malaria and infection. And...
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Ma'am, kindly take your child back to the same hospital for follow up
My baby 6 months plus had a fever, the temperature was 39.5-degree
Celcius.The hospital injected him PCM and imal/emal i don't know the correct spelling, its anti-malaria for three days and also ibuprofen...
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Hello ma'am, please take the child back to the hospital, let the rashes
be assessed. It could be a drug reaction and it could be something else.
The cause can only be determined after examination. Please treat as
urgent. Best wishes
Is it good to give my 4months old baby antimalarial drugs?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Please do not give your baby antimalarial drugs if they are not sick. Also, all medications should be prescribed by a doctor.
My 1year 6months baby has been down with malaria according to the test result. I was given anti-malaria and paracetamol syrup,ther...
Try see a paediatrician for proper examination and treatment
Seeing mosquito bites on my baby's body. But his temperature is very okay, with no fever. Is it advisable for me to give him malar...
please do not self medicate. Watch your baby closely, in the event of any change, kindly see a paediatrician. Also, ensure your baby sleeps in insecticide nets and the environment is also clean and protected for mosquitoes.
Good day docs n mums. Please, is it good to be giving a child that is less than a year, malaria treatment once every month?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

According to the World Health Organization, Newborns and infants less than 12 months of age are one of most the vulnerable groups affected by malaria. As mosquitoes cause this disease, it is important to keep mosquitoes at bay. Try to keep your home and surroundings free of mosquito breeding grounds, such as stagnant water.

Remove empty containers or old flowerpots where water can collect, especially in the monsoon season. Add a few drops of kerosene oil to coolers, open drains, small ponds and other places where water tends to collect and sleep under a treated mosquito net.

To prevent frequent Malaria, You can follow other preventive measures: Dress your child in light-coloured clothing. Dark colours attract mosquitoes, Dress her in long-sleeved and full-length garments to avoid skin exposure. As far as possible stay in air-conditioned or cool areas. Mosquitoes do not thrive in cold temperatures. Use an age-appropriate mosquito repellent and following the directions on the label. Use mosquito nets while sleeping. Use nets for daytime naps as well when the mosquitoes that carry dengue and chikungunya are circulating.
Can I give my baby blood tonic along with antibiotics like Augmentin and Antimalarial drugs ?
U can especially if he or she isnt feeding well.