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Is it good to use calamine lotion any time you see rashes on a baby body?
They are different kinds of rash and calamine lotion is not the solution to all.
May I know the cause and remedy of sore-like rashes in between my baby's toes? He is 29 months?
Fungal infection most likely usually called athletes foot. Kindly see a doctor for proper evaluation and treatment with antifungal medication if diagnosis confirmed. There are no attached pictures so it is more important that a doctor examine the child
What can I use for my baby of two months to clear rashes on her body and catarrh also?
The treatment of rash depends on the type and cause. Some rashes don't need any treatment while others require different types of treatment. So kindly see a doctor for proper assessment first and possible treatment.
My baby of 11months has rashes that itch and makes her uncomfortable to sleep. Please what can I use?
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They are different kinds of rash and it takes a doctor to physically examine to determine which it is and the treatment. Please kindly take your baby to the hospital for proper evaluation and management
What's the best treatment for baby rash (itching). I'm currently using Sudocrem but want to try Moju. Can my diet be the cause of...
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Ma'am, rashes are of different type. Kindly stop the trial and error of creams on your baby's skin. Take to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.
Good evening everyone pls what can I use to remove rashes from my baby's body which result from antibiotic drugs I gave him
Treatment of rashes depends on the type of rash on the child after a physical examination is carried out. Kindly see a Paediatric dermatologist for examination
My baby is a week old and has rashes all over her body including her head what could be the cause?
Try Cacatin or baby tribotan Cream. If there are no improvement in 7 days. kindly take your child to see a paediatrician/dermatologist for assessment and treatment. The treatment of rashes depends on the cause.
My baby of 12 days has rashes on his bum and all over his chest and back of his ears. pls what can I use I need ur advice?
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The treatment of rashes depends on what is causing it. Kindly take your child to see a paediatrician or dermatologist for proper evaluation and management.
My 7 month old baby woke up with lots of rashes all over her body this morning, what could it mean? I'm so terrified, she's just r...
Treatment of rashes depends on the type of rash on the child after a physical examination is carried out
What to use to clear rashes ?Good evening Dr, please i stopped using Funbact A on my baby for a while and now she has lots of rashes on her face, please what c...
Funbact Iis too strong for baby skin. Use Baby Tribotan or Cacatin Cream.
My kid is 5 weeks and is having this bad rash..it comes n goes and I tried Aqueous cream from Epi-max but still nothing... I don't...
Please stop self-medicating, Please kindly make sure your baby is not reacting to the cream or soap your using Any cream your baby is not allergic to is fine. Hypoallergenic products include pure vaseline perfume-free, Shea butter, olive oil, Sebamed products etc"
My 1-year-old child is having small rashes on his face. At times, it will itch him. please, what should I use?
You can try Baby tribotan or cacatin cream. If there are no noticeable changes after 1-2 weeks. Go see a dermatologist
My 3 months old baby has a rash on his face now spreading to all parts of his body what can I use?.
You can try baby tribotan or cacatin cream
My son as rashing under his armpit repetedly. What do I use, I'm worried.
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Dear Mum, the cause of the rash needs to be known. The treatment of rashes depends on the type of rash on the child after a physical examination is carried out.
Kindly see a Paediatric dermatologist for examination and proper treatment.
I noticed this morning that part of my 9weeks old head is getting brownish black. Pls should I be worried? she is on Exclusive bre...
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I will worry about MALNUTRITION or Micronutrient deficiency first!! But if your baby is otherwise well-nourished, it may be due to the products you are using on the baby's hair
Morning doc's pls what can i use on my 1plus child that is having rashes round her neck. God bless
Ensure hygienic practices especially when feeding, changing of diapers and bathing. You can use savlon liquid disinfectant and SEBAMED soap which is mild in babies skin.
If after all these, the rashes persist then you will have to visit a paediatric dermatologist for further management, because different rashes have different causes. I hope this helps."
Good evening mum and doctors. Please what can I use for baby rashes. There's no space on my baby's back
@laradudu, please what's abf
I noticed rashes with purse almost all over my 22months old daughter, and she cries for pain. What should I do, and what could be...
Have you used any drug or cream?
My baby of 1 year + started developing serious rashes all over his bum. It itches him and pains him seriously and i noticed the ra...
There are 2 different types of nappy rashes. Some are due to irritation from the urine and diaper. Other rashes that tend to occur in the nappy areas.

The first thing to do is to change diaper frequently when wet. Don't wait until there is a poo . You can Apply diaper cream - vaseline, Sudocream, shea butter, zinc oxide cream are fine.. Do not apply Powder

It must be something that creates barrier between skin and urine....powder will be formed into paste by urine and further irritates the skin.

Lastly, always allow the diaper area to be exposed to air at times when you are home...don't always cover with diaper. If it persists especially if you notice reddish colour, you need to see a Paediatric Dermatologist asap
I need help my this is my baby's waist and I noticed it's been peeling. There's little rash there,I don't know what to do.
Can you try using Tribotan or Cacatin...It works for my baby