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Thank you babymigo for always being there for us mums. Please, my two months old baby is always farting. It is too frequent and ha...
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Farting a lot is normal end-products of the digestive process and some of bacterial in the intestine on the waste causes the gas production. It is nothing to worry about."
I want to thank babymigo for the knowledge I got from reading the article on breastfeeding. Never knew I wasn't feeding my baby we...
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Inverted nipplesWhy do some women have inverted nipples at giving birth?
Truly inverted nipples are caused by adhesions beneath the nipples that bind the skin to the underlying tissues. They're actually quite common; an estimated 10 to 20 percent of women have flat or inverted nipples. For some women, nipple stimulation or cold temperatures can draw the nipples out temporarily. How do I breastfeed with flat or inverted nipples? Make sure you get a deep latch. If your baby can open wide and close his mouth further back on the breast, he'll be able to latch deeply onto the nipple, areola, and the breast tissue underneath. Clamping down just on the nipple is not only inefficient for drawing out milk but can also cause nipple damage and pain. To help your baby get a good latch, place your thumb on the top of your breast, and position the other four fingers of that hand underneath it. Pull back slightly on the breast tissue (toward your chest wall) to bring out your nipple. Brush your baby's lips or cheek with your nipple to trigger his natural feeding instincts. Once he opens his mouth very wide, hug him into the breast, aiming your nipple toward the roof of his mouth. When he latches on, his lips should be splayed out.
SexPls after 6 weeks of delivery through normal vg one still find it painful to v sex, why n any remedy
After childbirth, experiencing pain during sexual intercourse is common. In fact, nearly nine in 10 women experience pain the first time they have sexual intercourse after having a baby
Thanks to this wonderful group. I never regret joining it. May God bless everyone
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How much does it cost to check baby's sex at echo scan abuja. Thanks
It depends on the diagnostic centre. It is about 4000 on average.
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Thank you moms and team babymigo. My price charming baby arrived this evening. I'm really grateful for all your support through my...
Babymigos Doctors, midwives and mothers. Please help a first time mother. My son was circumcised on Friday last week with the ring...
Apply olive oil
I will really really like to appreciate every member of babymigo that helped me through out my 9months journey. You guys have been...
My sister has been trying to download babymigo through her iPhone but all proved abortive, please what could have happened? or doe...
Babymigo is not available on iphone yet. You can access it via Android playstore or through www.babymigo.com
I've been observing my baby, though she is the sweaty type but sometimes, she sweat more on one whole part of the body (sometime...
I think It's nothing to worry about. Sweating is very common in babies. Some in the forehead, some in their arms but excessive sweating could mean that something isn't right
Hello doctors. Is babymigo limited to Nigerians only.
Anyone can use babymigo
Please, I just want to know when this competition started and when it's going to end
Started 6th August 2018 and ends 19th August 2018
Please how can I upload my baby’s picture in this ongoing babymigo contest
You will first register on the site after which u proceed to register ur baby it will show you upload picture ,click on it will then take you to your file where you will select the picture you want to use
Pls I need help I want upload my baby picture And I want to register him to babymigo
Please I don't know how come my baby pictures are showing two places how do I delete one please, help
How can I upload my baby pictures for the Baby contest
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Hi Urman, 1. Go to the babymigo contest link page here -https://babymigo.com/contests/SAVE4BABYCONTEST using Chrome or Opera Mini Browser 2. Make sure you baby’s picture you’re uploading is between 100kb and 1MB 3. Fill in your details 4. When you upload your baby’s picture, make sure the picture enlarges before you click submit