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How can I stop my teeth from bleeding whenever something mistakenly hit my teeth?
I want to know what can cause bleeding after menstruation?
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Abnormal vaginal bleeding between periods is also called intermenstrual bleeding, spotting, and metrorrhagia. When bleeding occurs between normal periods, there are many possible causes. ... Potential causes of bleeding between periods include growth in your uterus or cervix. Try see a doctor for proper examination
I had a boy of 4years old and I did family planning d injection own of two months. When I do take the injection i realized my peri...I stated taking d injection October 2017 and I stopped on July 2018 cos my period change sometimes it flow. But I notice since I h...
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You have to book an appointment with a Gynaecologist asap
l want to know why breastfeeding my baby is so painful and I'm also bleeding.
Maybe you have not been positioning ur baby well which makes him not to latch well on d areola. Ask ur midwife to demonstrate proper position during breastfeeding and complain abt d bleeding. Don't stay at home, Postpartum hemorrhage is dangerous. All d best.