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My baby has this transparent boils that burst with water and comes out from another spot around his neck.
The commonest cause/source of all these boils for babies is from HANDS OF ADULTS that carry babies. Especially in Nigeria, we do not wash our hands routinely and yet everyone will just carry babies with their unwashed hands full of staph!!! The bacteria in your hands will not hurt you but for a baby whose immunity is just maturing, it can cause all these soft tissue and skin infection. I used to tell my mums when going home, only mum and one other assistant who washes her hands frequently should be allowed to carry and touch babies!!! Every other person coming to visit should be requested to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer BEFORE touching babies before they transfer germs to the new baby. Since that may not be culturally correct, better to keep baby in cot zipped so they can just see than for every one carrying baby and introducing germs
What can I use for my 2 years old son, who is constantly having boil on his eye?
Kindly see a paediatrician.
Boils are bacteria skin infection and will require antibiotics treatment. To prevent recurrent boils Kindly pay attention to hygiene especially regular hand washing and use Savlon in Bath water as well.
Please my 3 months old son is having boils on his head. What can I give him, can I give him ampiclox?
Most boils are due to staphylococcus bacteria infections from the hands of those touching the child. Kindly see a doctor for proper treatment of the boil usually involve antibiotics as we don't prescribe drugs here. Treat as urgent as the boils can progress to more serious infection in the blood if not handle promptly. Regular hand washing before handling baby will help too
What drugs can I use to treat boils for one year, four months old baby?
Go and see a paediatrician, who will do tests and know the best antibiotic to use for this particular bacteria causing these boils. Please use it according to the instructions and for the duration recommended by the Paediatrician.
My little niece of four years had a boil on her back and lap, when I made effort to press it, a live maggot came out from both. I...
I had the experience when my daughter was 2 years, it started as a boil and continued till she couldn't bear d pain I took a closer look at it I noticed a movement inside d boil pressed harder lo and behold a life maggot came out. I was shocked,
Pls mothers and Doctor, what can I use for boils on my one month old baby, the boil is like 5 on his head . Pls it's urgent as the...