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What is the best drug for cough? For a 9years old child
For cough- sometimes, you may not need to give medications as it may be viral and would run its course and go on its own. However on other times the child may need to be attended to by a doctor. Example is when the child has breathing difficulties due to the cough or when the child develops a fever. In such cases, you would need to see a doctor.
What is the meaning of Oto obong
Oto-Obong is an Efik name for female children, it literally and simply means "From God".
How long those it take for someone that put to bed through CS to take in again?
It depends but, Gynaecologist advised at least waiting for 6 months to 1 year.
Please I delivered through CS but my breast can't be heavy and I can't produce enough breastmilk, please what should I do?
You need to relax and you can also breastfeed your baby CS or no CS.
When you relax, eat and drink lots of fluid and keep putting your baby to the breast on demand, the milk will flow. Your worries is contributing to the problem, so relax.
Unfortunately, if you are quick to use formula, it will reduce the demand placed on the breasts for milk supply.
WorriedMy pregnancy is 37 weeks old. And yet my baby is in the transverse position. Can miracle still happen before delivery?
Transverse lie means that your baby is lying sideways across your tummy, rather than in a head-down position. It's a common position for your baby to take in early pregnancy. Most babies will get themselves into a head-down position by the end of the final trimester, if not before.
I had c-section to deliver my baby about a week ago, and am also on BP drug, can I supplement sma gold with breast milk?
Since it is possible that anti-hypertensive medications can affect breast milk production, flow and some drugs may not be compatible with breastfeeding if that's your case. You can introduce any age appropriate formula of your choice.
Please ma, I am frequent miscarriage what can be the cause
Recurrent early miscarriages (within the first trimester) are most commonly due to genetic or chromosomal problems of the embryo, with 50-80% of spontaneous losses having abnormal chromosomal number. Structural problems of the uterus can also play a role in early miscarriage.
Flat tummyDear mummies in the house. Pls how do I get back my tummy after cs. When I had my other baby my tummy refused to go down. I will n...
For now, the only thing you can do is breastfeeding (it helps burn up to 600 calories in a day) and eat healthy. You need to wait for your doctors approval and clearance before you can begin exercising. All the best mama
Getting my post pregnancy body backCan I continue using how water bottle for my tummy after 2 months of caesarean delivery
With the incision still healing putting pressure on your abdomen could be fatal
please what can make someone who did CS to be feeling cold. The CS was done 13weeks ago and the outer skin has healed.
Please, try to a gynaecologist asap.
Good evening docs, I gave birth July with C.S but I didn't see my period in August but i saw it toward September ending twice and...
Exclusive breastfeeding mothers sometimes experience a delay in their period after childbirth and Period might be irregular in the first few months too
I gave birth through CS 3weeks ago, I'm a fashion designer, i want to know when i can resumed my work as in peddling of machine.
I gave birth my baby girl July 17 although through Caesarean Section, I'm yet to see my menses now, I only see a Little discharge...
I don't think you should worry yet. The truth is that it can take a while for the cycle to be totally regular again. Some women also experience a heavy period after C-section, while others have a lighter-than-normal flow
Pls I need ur help Dr and mums.... I gave birth to May baby through CS in 2017 and since the month of May of this year I have been...
No cause for alarm at all. You may get pregnant right away, but you may not. It's important to know what is considered normal, so you don't worry if there is no cause for concern.....90% of couples will conceive within 12 to 18 months of trying. Infertility. Remember, you can only get pregnant only in a narrow window of five to six days a month during your fertile period.
My baby is 1year and 2months and I delivered him through CS. I did a test yesterday and it was positive. What are the chances that...
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Yes it possible to have a normal delivery after having a previous Caesarean section (CS) but you need satisfy the criteria for VBAC this has been previously discussed on this forum. Things like reason for the previous c/s, size of the fetus, location of the placenta to mention a few would be considered. The one year interval is not bad though 18 months and above is generally advised.
pls mothers in the house, I'm planning to have my baby by 37weeks 4days either labor comes or not and I'm not planning to deliver...
It's only God that can make your Baby come at that date. Unless you go with CS.
Doctor pls, I need your help I'm planning to terminate it I tested positive today my child is 1+4 month and my first issue is CS w...
Please dnt terminate the pregnancy my baby was 7month wen i tested +ve after cs but today am glad i kept dat pregnacy .give that child a chance and u wil b glad u did
I delivered my baby though Caesarian Session about 1year and 2months ago. I'm currently 1month pregnant when is the right time to...
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Start as soon as possible. The earlier the better. Best wishes
Please my Able Doctors, Is it true that if a first pregnancy gave birth to her first child through CS. All the remaining pregnancy...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Many women who have had a cesarean section (or C-section) with their first pregnancy are interested in a vaginal delivery for their second or later births. For years, women who'd had a C-section were encouraged to skip vaginal deliveries altogether and schedule C-sections for all future births.

But these days, a vaginal birth after cesarean (or VBAC) is considered a safe option for many women and their babies. And, with a vaginal delivery, you can come home sooner and recover quicker.

The reason for your first C-section, the type of incision made on your uterus, and other factors in your medical history will determine whether or not you can have a VBAC:

A transverse incision (also known as a horizontal incision) cuts across the lower, thinner part of the uterus. It is used during most C-sections and makes a VBAC much more likely.
A vertical incision cuts up and down through the uterine muscles that strongly contract during labor, and is riskier for a VBAC because it might cause uterine rupture (a tear in the uterine muscle).
Good evening house, pls what advice can you give to lady who give birth try CS on January 2018
Hmmm it is well ooo because me I gave birth the same time through c s and am now pregnant again. I ' m trying not to think too much about it may God see me through