I gave birth my baby girl July 17 although through Caesarean Section, I'm yet to see my menses now, I only see a Little discharge and feel a little menstrual cramp twice but not like blood twice because when I gave birth to my first daughter through normal delivery in October two years ago, I started my menses the following month but this time is different. Is it because of the CS I did or is it because of lack of enough blood. Pls help me
Thanks very much
For some moms, the average time for a period after delivery is about 1 month and 2 weeks (45 days). Exclusive Breastfeeding mothers will commonly get their periods much later. Breastfeeding suppresses the hormone to a certain extent and that is why a woman may not get her period earlier enough
I don't think you should worry yet. The truth is that it can take a while for the cycle to be totally regular again. Some women also experience a heavy period after C-section, while others have a lighter-than-normal flow