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My 2 years and four months baby doesn't eat any thing cooked food only cereals.
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Some children are picky eaters and require more patience than any other.
Gud day to all the mummies, pls what is the best cereal for one year and three weeks baby.
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You may give your child any age-appropriate cereals made with corn, rice, oats and the likes. ATP does not recommend a brand. You should also introduce family meals to your baby. Kindly ensure that all meals fed to your baby are nutritious ( has all the classes of food - carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, fats
Can a 5 months old baby take cereals ?
Allow ur baby to reach 6 months
What type of Cereal can introduce to my 6months old baby and what type of local food can i be giving her, we are on EBF before?
Cerelac is okay. U can also try home made food/puree too, e.g rice + egg yolk puree, (Cook rice till soft, no salt added, boil egg and blend little quantity with egg yolk, serve warm) boiled sweet potatoes with egg yolk/boiled mackerel fish aka titus, moimoi, mashed beans but u peel d shaft before cooking then add ground crayfish amd little palm oil, pap with milk/ground crayfish etc
How can I start to wean my baby ?Good evening admin, doctors and parents in the house. Pls kindly advice me on steps to wean a baby one year and a month that refus...
First i think you should stop baby day time breast feeding and feed other foods Feed baby very very well at night Gradually stop sleeping with baby at night. Let him sleep with daddy or any other person at home. Keep tea or water to give baby when he wakes in the night to suck and because it's not mummy, they will collect the water. If it is mummy they will keep rejecting it and crying cus they know eventually mummy will give them breast to suck