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My baby of 8 month finds it difficult to swallow anything except pap and water. What could be the problem.
Nothing is the problem.

Patience is needed when introducing food to babies. Kindly note that your baby can also eat regular family food in soft form.
Taking cold water while breastfeeding, does it affect babies?
Pure myth, a nursing mother can drink cold water, it does not affect the baby.
If a mother takes cold water or cold drink while
breastfeeding, is it dangerous for the baby health or it is just a myth?
Cold water has nothing to do with the quality of breast milk and does not affect the baby in any way.
Can a nursing mum take cold water, does it affect thé baby in Any way?
Cold water has nothing to do with the quality of breast milk and do not affect the baby in any way but medications taken by a breastfeeding mum can be passed on into the breast milk and affect the baby..That is why a breastfeeding mum should never Self medicate and must always tell the doctors she is breastfeeding when she is being given any medications to ensure it is compatible with breastfeeding
When will I start bathing my baby with cold water? She is 20week
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The rule is that you bath your child according to the weather. You may choose to start anytime. By the way, it is not compulsory to bath the baby several times a day ... Once should be fine really... You can just use a Face towel to mop or use wipes in the afternoon or evening if just to make the baby cool