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Started semi-solids for my girl baby, she poops around five times a day. I can see almost the same quantity of food intake all put...1.Can we expect pooping many times a day once solids are started? During ebf, she poops twice or once per day.
2.Will the nutriti...
how old is your child and please describe what the poo is like? Is it well-formed or watery sinking into the diaper? As long as the stools are normal, there is no need to worry.
I did exclusive breastfeeding for my son and he is now 7months and 2weeks on his own he has stopped sucking breast. I hope there i...
have you tried to find out why your baby stopped sucking?
Please can a child of two years plus take golden morn and quacker oat?
My baby will be 10weeks by next week but does not take more than 60ml of expressed breast milk at a feed. She feeds on at most 4 b...
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The quantity of milk to be taken depends on the babies weight. Babies require approximately 100ml per kg per day. So check your babies weight, then express about 100ml for each kg everyday. Then divide the total quantity expressed into portions to be fed every 3hours.
My baby of six months prefers eating cooked food than baby food. Pls, should I be giving her? Thanks
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Yes, You can give your baby adult food.
My son will be seven months. Is it ok to give him soya beans that is mixed with groundnut and crayfish? Secondly, he doesn't have...
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Yes you can. However it is best to introduce new foods to your child one at a time so if child has an allergic reaction you can easily know which food the child is reacting to. In your case you may introduce crayfish for a some days, if no reaction then you introduce groundnuts and so on. If baby has no adverse reaction then you can mix all and give at once.
My exclusively breastfed five months old baby doesn't show interest in breast milk again and is thinking of introducing solids and...
Hello ma. Exclusive breastfeeding should be for 6 months. You can introduce solids gradually if you wish though.
How many times is normal for a baby of 7months+ that's on complementary feeding to poo in a day.
A child can poo as much or as less as possible. What is important is the texture of stools. As long as it doesn't come too hard or too watery. There is Nothing to worry about.
My grandchild is one year old, and she is not eating very well, what is your advice.
You have to be patient
Can i feed my 8 months old with food that the rest of the family is eating?she dislike marshed food so how do i feed her
es Ma you can offer your baby family meals, but make sure the fool is well cooked and soft, the bone fish before giving her, introduce one male at a time and watch out for allergies.
When can I introduce eggs, minced meat and fish to my baby?
You can introduce them from six months.
Someone said feeding babies with cereal has long term damage on them due to their preservatives. The person advised Pap or millet...
Both pap and cereal are complementary food that can be given to your baby but should be introduced from 6 months.There is no side effect .
Please help a worried mum. My 6months old baby is always uncomfortable while eating, she stretches her body as if she's having sto...
Dr Aina Johnson


Hello ma! Congratulations on the successful completion of the 6months EBF for your baby.. It's a great investment and I'm sure everyone will be better for it.
On introducing complementary feed to your child, you give age appropriate formula to the cereal to help enrich it (formula for age 6-12months is the appropriate milk to add
my daughter of 20months prefers fried potato to boiled, and she wants it every day, hope no negative effects?.
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Good day ma,in as much as it isn't on a daily bases. You can to experiment with different foods because you baby need balanced diet
My baby of 6month + is not collecting the cereal and SMA I bought for him (Cerelac and Sma) but he prefers family food and the yol...
It is best you boil the pure water before giving the baby as most pure water isn't really pure.
My son is 4 months plus will actually be five months in December. He denies taking artificial milk he rather drinks water or stays...
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We are advocates of exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life and if for any reason a mother is not able to give formula. Do not introduce cereals just because you have resumed work. You can actually express the breast milk and store appropriately for your baby to be fed with while your are at work.
My two years old daughter just left crèche.
She used to take all sorts of meals- swallow included.
Since she enrolled for s...She relies or takes food drinks, juice, junks and snacks. Meat, fish and pap lavished with milk are her desires.

What's responsib...
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She might be bored with the Amala Try giving her a variety of swallow with different presentation using attractive plates and cutleries.
Above all, you will need lots of patience . Persistence is key also.
Please doc, can 1 blend groundnut, soya beans and crayfish together and add it to pap for a six months old baby
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No.... Don't start all at once incase the child reacts to one of the ingredients... You will not know which it is ... Start with pap and milk.... Then you can start adding the other ingredients one at a time say one new addition per week
Am I doing it right by cooking noodles for by baby of a year plus, instead of the season I added blended crayfish and I given othe...
Food rich in proteins(for growth), carbohydrates (energy), vitamins (build the immune system) is what your child needs for his age group.

Try incorporating more home made cooked food rich in the nutrients listed above and reduced processed foods because of it artificial contents
What's the cause of a 7 months old child that stool immediately after feeding with complimentary food
Hello ma'am, as long as the stools are normal there's nothing to worry about. Normals stools are not watery, not greenish and have no mucus. All the best.